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      Welcome to our professional Surveying & Mapping firm, Metron Surveying & Mapping, LLC. We are always ready to provide a wide range of professional land surveying services aimed at assisting our clients in meeting goals successfully and in a timely manner.

      Our field crews use a wide range of technology from hand-held computers to Dual-frequency Real time G.P.S.

      We offer our services statewide, including land development surveying for commercial and residential projects of all sizes, construction staking and ALTA survey's just to name a few.   Metron also specializes in As-Built Survey's of existing Hi-Voltage Transmission lines, Distribution Lines, and proposed routes for new construction.   We use the latest technology to complete your projects on time and on budget.

      Phone (239) 275-8575
      10970 S. Cleveland Ave. Suite 605
      Fort Myers, FL 33907


      © 2003 Metron Surveying & Mapping LLC.,
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